The Model Railroader's Handbook

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September 06, 2023

How much time have you wasted searching through piles of reference books and magazines to find that one piece of information that's vital to a modeling project? The Model Railroader's Handbook puts all that information in one place! Created as a workbench companion, this 288-page comprehensive guide is easy to use, well organized, and to the point. Gerry Leone wrote this book to be the ultimate reference guide, a must-have for modelers of any skill level working in any scale. Some of the useful information in this book include:
- How to decipher resistor codes
- Overviews of track planning software
- Types of benchwork
- Programming DCC decoders
- Building a helix
- Cleaning track
- and so much more

Get all the facts and formulas you need to know, but can't always remember, in one easy-to-use book.