Services - Custom Decal Design

Via Papa Ben's Train Place, James McAuliffe of Houston is offering services to assist in custom design of waterslide decals (logos and slogans). James has 6 years of art training in high school and college, and an additional three years of training in layout and design at the Houston Center of Photography.

Decal design is for scale trains (Z-, N-, HO-, and O-scale), as well as for other models, such as planes, rockets, cars, etc. The decal design is based on your model, idea, and input. Single- or multi-color formats are available (white, black, red, blue, etc.). Designs can include custom slogans, with specialization in catchy rhyming or "meme" ideas.

Contact Papa Ben's Train Place if you are in need of this service.

Below are some examples. The last two model photos are of N-scale models.