Classic Toy Trains Lionel Trains of the 1950s

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May 08, 2019

This issue is filled with nostalgic photos of toy trains and accessories, including some seldom-seen images, this comprehensive 200-page (!) special issue features more than 40 stories in a year-by-year format, including:
- 1950 launched a golden era at Lionel
- Streamlined passenger trains for the O-27 line
- Joltin' Joe's Lionel TV show
- Insights into the making of Lionel's famed catalogs
- The greatest year for accessories
- Discovering the earliest known 6464 box car
- Enter the Train Master
- Mysterious sets from 1955
- Lionel's spectacular public display
- The track plan that launched a thousand layouts
- Black sheep of the 1958 roster
- And much more!