Classic Trains Summer 2018 Edition

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June 04, 2018

Feature Articles: Road-Switcher for the Little Guys General Electric's nimble 70-ton diesel was a popular choice for short lines seeking to modernize in the post-World War II era Magma Arizona: The Almost Last Day of Steam A rumor-based trek from Colorado to Arizona in July 1968 pays off What's in a Photograph? East Jordan & Southern Mixed Special On March 25, 1961, this northern Michigan line put its Mogul and combine on the regular freight for railfans Empire State Variety On a five-day auto trip from Detroit in August 1962, the nine little railroads we photographed differed widely Photo Special 16 photos (13 in color) show us 14 short lines (5 in steam) in 12 states from Vermont to Mississippi to California The Obscure Ohio & Morenci After succeeding the abandoned Toledo & Western interurban, this interstate freight-hauling short line lasted two decades Southern Hospitality Little Birmingham & Southeastern was short on business but long on courtesy Last Steam Standing In 1970, a little railroad in Alabama was the last practitioner of an unbroken tradition that spanned nearly 150 years Train Times at Pasadena For a budding teenage railfan in 1946, Santa Fe's depot was the classroom and its locomotive engineers the teachers A Saturday Morning at Croxton Hungry for more than commuter trains and single-unit local freights, two friends seek out Erie Lackawanna big diesels and mainline action Cinders: a Forgotten Commodity One railroad found some creative ways to dispose of tons of steam-locomotive waste The Best of Everything: Good Years in Providence College in Rhode Island cemented my ties to the New Haven and laid a foundation for the future ...and much more.