Classic Trains Fall 2017

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August 10, 2017

This issue covers: Chicago in the 1930s At a time when most rail photographers were taking static "engine pictures," one man was capturing the dynamic scene in the Railroad Capital Train Time at Los Angeles, 1960 My stint as "wire chief" at LAUPT was at a time of transition for telegraphy and train orders, as well as passenger trains Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Recently discovered transit and passenger-train designs suggest a path Electro-Motive chose not to take Bird's-Eye View: Detroit's Fort St. Roundhouse Area in the '40s Two views, from 1948 and 1949, of the Fort Street roundhouse area The South's New Railroad of 1967 50 years ago, the merger of two longtime rivals formed the Seaboard Coast Line My Very Own Mixed Train A 10-year-old Wisconsin boy absorbs the details of the railroad, and becomes aware of the big changes in his world What's in a Photograph? Erie's Harlem River freight station, circa 1940 Several railroads maintained facilities around New York Harbor that were reached only by carfloat Ingles Color Classics: 3 Years at a 3-Railroad Prairie Crossing Jacksonville, Ill., was home during my mid-'60s college years The Best of Everything Boyhood exposure to trains in the New York area planted a seed that grew into a railroad career And all the usual columns!