Kato 4-8-4 N

Steam Engines: 4-8-4
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Union Pacific Railroad (UP) #8444
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January 12, 2022

The Union Pacific FEF (Four Eight Four) is easily one of the most recognizable US steam prototypes still in operation today. The FEF-3 series of steam locomotives were delivered in 1944 and were the last, and some of the largest, steam locomotives delivered for use by the Union Pacific. Operated solely by the Union Pacific, the FEFs (sometimes referred to as "Northerns") were intended primarily to be passenger train locomotives, but the UP's large fleet of available diesels meant that the FEFs were put to work in secondary passenger and fast freight service. The model features:
- all black drivers and a dark graphite smokebox
- classic "Greyhound" paint with a two-tone gray and yellow striping.
- coreless motor design with dual brass flywheels for silky-smooth performance
- special cross-braced shock absorbers equalize the pressure on the locomotive drivers to maximize traction.
- illuminated headlight and locomotive number boards.
- DCC friendly design, allowing for easy drop-in installation of DCC.
- 11" (282mm) minimum turning radius on ground level track; 15" (381mm) on viaduct track.
- all detail parts installed.