Houston Electric

S.M. Baron
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June 16, 2021

Fascinating history of public transportation in Houston, Texas, especially the streetcar system that enabled residents to move about easily and allowed the city to grow during its first century. The book begins in 1868 with a few primitive mule-drawn cars, progresses to the introduction of electric streetcars in 1891, and concludes with the abandonment of the streetcars in 1940. It discusses how the system made large scale suburban real estate development (and thus home ownership) possible, the competition among rival companies, the private jitney service, battles with the city government over street paving, fares and racial segregation, the introduction of motor bus service (local and express), and how the streetcar fleet evolved over the years. Includes complete roster with each type of car described and illustrated. Illustrated throughout with black and white photos, most never before published. With detailed maps showing development of the system. 232 pages with bibliography and index.